Health Concerns

The Black Russian Terrier like many other large breeds of dogs is susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. Therefore, it is common practice with responsible breeders to radiograph (x-ray) all breeding stock at the age of two years old. Additionally, there are two main inherited diseases that can be prevented through the testing of eligible breeding dogs and bitches prior. These conditions include Hyperuricosuria (HUU) and Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP). All of the results of health testing are publicly displayed on the OFFA website. The breed may also suffer from progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) which can be tested for by a registered Veterinary ophthalmologist. Further testing is also done to ensure the heart is free from genetic malformations.
Recently,  coat colour testing was added to the CHIC requirements. This extra information provides additional breeding information to ensure black remains the dominant coat colour.

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Our Code of Ethics

Approved by the Board of Directors November, 2017

This Code is designed to establish a standard of conduct to be followed by all Members of the Black Russian Terrier Club of Canada the course of owning, breeding, selling, exhibiting and advertising Black Russian Terriers.

In keeping with my dedication to the betterment of the Black Russian Terrier Breed, I herewith pledge to maintain the following practices:

AS AN INDIVIDUAL with a special interest in the breed, I will consider the welfare of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, exhibiting and selling of Black Russian Terriers, and will refrain from any actions which would be prejudicial to the best interests of the breed and the Club. Every dog under my care should be provided with humane living quarters and personal care, human contact, be kept in good physical condition, provided with basic obedience training as well as adequate veterinarian supervised health care. I resolve to share my knowledge with other members
, and to support the Club in its endeavors.

I agree that all intellectual property of BRTCC including, but not limited to flyers, content of FB, Website, newsletters, artwork, seminars brochures, photo and video materials belong to the club and can be used and shared 
non BRTCC members only with the permission of the Board

AS A MEMBER I resolve to abide by the Constitution, By-
Laws and standards as set down by the Club and always to conduct myself in a manner that will be beneficial to the Club, the breed, and its image. I will not defame other Club members. 

AS A BREEDER I resolve to devote my efforts to the improvement of the breed, by maintaining high standards of temperament, physical soundness and conformity to the Canadian breed standard in my breeding stock, and by insisting that the stud dogs I use are of the same high standard. To this end, I shall: 
1. Maintain the best possible standards of health and care in my kennels,
2. Refuse to use for breeding purposes and refuse stud service to any bitch I consider in poor health, of unsound temperament, or otherwise of poor quality. Have a written stud contract signed by all parties prior to breeding. Breed only CKC/AKC registered BRTs.
3. Refrain from breeding a bitch until she is at least 24 months old and from breeding her on two or more consecutive heats (more than once a year). If multiple studs are used, a DNA test must be performed on all litter to confirm parentage. Seek veterinary approval for all exceptional cases.
4. To disclose on OFA database Hip and Elbow x-rays, patella, eyes and cardiac checks as well as HUU and JLPP, Dominant Black Color tests on a Bitch prior to breeding a bitch or using a male as a stud. Seek veterinary approval for all exceptional cases. 

5. To breed carefully and with discrimination for the purpose of improving the breed, not just for profit.
6. To be responsible for any dog I have bred that is in need of rescue or is in the rescue program.
7. Refuse to deal knowingly with unethical breeders and any dog wholesalers or retailers, nor to deal with any buyer where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for and trained to become a Good Canine Citizen.
8. Keep and pass on to buyers of puppies or adult dogs, accurate health, breeding, registration and pedigree records.
9. Deliver only puppies or adult dogs of sound health and temperament and to urge all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog sold by me examined by a competent veterinarian within forty-eight hours.
10. Discuss with all prospective buyers their expectations in a puppy or dog using the general categories of show and/or breeding quality and pet quality. Rate the animal for the buyer to the best of my knowledge and skill at the time of sale, giving full and frank disclosure of any faults which the animal may have or which are known to be in its immediate family background. Provide a written contract to all animals with acceptable provision for refund or replacement.
11. Provide a CKC non-breeding contract to be signed by the buyer and myself, preferably for all puppies and always for pet quality animals.
12. Keep in touch with the progress of dogs of my breeding in order to better analyze my program.
13. I shall keep All advertising truthful and ethical and any claims provable. In understanding that serious infractions of the above code, where they are deemed detrimental to the breed or individual dog, or another club member, may result in expulsion from the club and/or to be brought to the Board's attention and dealt with in the manner prescribed by the Club's Constitution and By-Laws.

Breeding for Tomorrows Black Russian Terrier, Preserving Yesterday's Legacy

Breeder Directory 

MidnightSolo BRT Kennel

Breeder/Owner(s): Jean and Troy Brown
Health Testing: Yes
BRTCC Member 
Working Disciplines: Tracking, Rally-Obedience, Obedience, IPO, Nosework, Conformation, Draft Dog
Location: London, Ontario

Pallada Black Russian Terriers

Breeder/Owner(s): Kerri and Eric Burnett
Health Testing: Yes
BRTCC Member
Working Disciplines: Conformation
Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta