Black Russian Terrier Club of Canada

About our Club

  We plan and hold educational seminars, workshops for BRT owners, National Specialties, team builing events, and working trials. We want to enable our members to build strong neworks to help and to mentor each other and new BRT owners in every aspect of BRT care: grooming and coat care, raising a BRT puppy, training, socialization, shows and performance events.

Please support the club by joining and possibly volunteering in any capacity your heart desires.
Looking forward to working together and getting to know you and your BRT better.
Welcome to the Black Russian Terrier Club of Canada (BRTCC).We are a non - profit organization with people who have dedicated their time to introduce our breed to everyone who is interested to know more about Black Russian Terriers.

Our goal is to preserve the breed we love with all our hearts in its entirety, to promote BRTs to the general public and at the shows and performance events in Canada.

 We seek volunteers to join National Club to stay united,to support each other and all BRT owners across Canada in every way we can.

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